Pop-up culture is booming. Temporary bars, dog parks, markets, restaurants, gyms, and music venues appear for a few hours in random locations before disappearing without a trace. Now two Houston-based nonprofits—Dawn Mountain Tibetan Temple and the Institute for Spirituality and Health—are teaming up to create the country’s first pop-up meditation hall: the Meditation Station.

The Station is a portable contemplative environment designed to bring meditation to people wherever they are. To be fabricated from manufactured bamboo and lightweight yet durable materials, the Station will feature a menu of guided meditations of varying lengths and styles that can be brought to parks, festivals, conventions, community centers, offices, or even hospitals.

The Meditation Station is unpacked from a portable box, which becomes the front desk for Meditation Station staff volunteers. Because of the Station’s simple design, it can be assembled and disassembled by a single person.
An interior view of the Meditation Station. Upon arrival, meditators are given a pair of noise-canceling headphones and an iPod, from which they can choose a preferred guided meditation recording. Cushions and chairs will be available.



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