© Elaine Chu
© Elaine Chu

Samsara Dog
Helen Manos
Illustrated by Julie Vivas
Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 2007
48 pp.; $17.95 (cloth)

This book is about a dog who lived many lives—very strange and different lives, one as a stray, one as a friend, one as a pet, one as an entertainer, until one day he finally learned a lesson about love.


This book really touched my heart, the way that Dog had to learn to love, and how he did, eventually. I love the way it was written, the way Dog was not very nice, shunning people and loving no one, and then learned how to live his life well. The illustrations help capture what the book is saying, the vivid colors, and the action the pictures show.

I think the story at the heart of this book is, you get reincarnated until you can make your time on earth worthwhile, and to be able to love and care for others.

Dog started out as a mean, snarling, vicious dog, and he only cared for himself. But then he became a dog that could love and care for someone more than himself. The message was cleverly hidden, and I liked that.

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