buddhism to you 1 winter 1998“Well, I don’t know about his next life, but in a past life I think he was King David, who was madly in love with Bathsheba. After all, what’s the difference between the past and the present?”

Joel Siegal Civil Rights Attorney, San Francisco, CA


buddhism to you 2 winter 1998“A green and slimy frog.”

Sarah Whitehead Yoga Instructor, Providence, RI




buddhism to you 3 winter 1998

“I don’t know if one can come back as a body part, but if one can, I think he might come back as genitals.”

Mel Pine Writer/Editor, Reston, VA



buddhism to you 4 winter 1998“He’ll probably come back as another dog. “

Juliette Navratilova Botanist, Baton Rouge, LA



“Clinton will come back as a bonobo—a pygmy chimpanzee. Bonobos deal with every social situation by having sex. Even the elderly and infants dry hump each other all day for no reason. That should get it out of his system”

J.D. Kim Graphic Designer, East Hempstead, NY

“Are we sure he’s coming back?”

Buz Blum Part-time Woodturner, Palmer, AK

“A devil in a blue dress.”

Jordan Ellison Electrical Engineer, Tampa, FL

“An intern.”

Michael Herr Writer, Cassanovia, NY

“A praying mantis, because after they mate the male gets eaten by the female.”

Keight Cooper Student, Arlington, TX

“As a human being. Karma isn’t as straightforward as math.”

Ignasi Clemente Student, Los Angeles, CA

“Pee-wee Herman.”

Hal Ziwecki Pharmacist, Chicago, IL

buddhism to you 5 winter 1998“One possibility is as a woman. But he’s much more than just a womanizer. There are many other ways he might come back to do what he needs to do.”

Kaisa Puhakka Psychology Professor, Carrolton, GA


buddhism to you 6 winter 1998“A chameleon.”

Jim Leuthauser Attorney, Glenwood Springs, CO



buddhism to you 7 winter 1998“A Zen poet (Ken Starr will be Caligula, and Monica Lewinsky will be a presidential kneepad). “

Jill Holmes Retired Librarian, Stillwater, OK



buddhism to you 8 winter 1998“A eunuch in some Middle Eastern potentate’s harem.”

Ian Mayo-Smith Retired Professor of Public Management, West Hartford, CT



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