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Time to Wake Up

If enlightenment is possible in this life, then why haven't more of us reached it? A Buddhist scholar and practitioner makes a call for genuine awakening.

By Andrew Olendzki

Scholar Donald Lopez to give talk at 92Y TriBeCa this Friday

Professor of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies and Tricycle Contributing Editor Donald S. Lopez, Jr. will be speaking about the history of the Buddha this Friday in New York City. The talk, titled “From Stone to Flesh:…

By Tricycle

Buddha Buzz

Buddha Buzz: Chinese New Year and Death Cafes

Chinese New Year this year falls on Sunday, February 10. It’s the year of the black water snake. If you’re celebrating (and hey, even if you’re not), a very happy new year to you! The Chinese/Lunar…

By Emma Varvaloucas

Buddha Buzz

Buddha Buzz: AIDS Activist Buddha

  Found this funny Buddhist bumper sticker on chron.com, amid many Christian ones. As the post says, there’s something about expressing your religion publicly, for all to see; it’s a clear identity statement. But the thing…

By Tricycle


Commemorating Pearl Harbor and Celebrating Rohatsu

Yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor. Thousands lost their lives, and a nation filled its heart with anger. On the following day, December 8th, 1941, President Roosevelt declared war against…

By Tricycle

9 Minute Enlightenment

How can we really address the issue of awakening as lay people caught up in our day-to-day activities? Joseph Goldstein has come up with a plan: “The nine-minute-a-day turbo-charged path to enlightenment!”* It consists of three…

By Tricycle


Week 2 Roundup: The Buddha’s Original Ideas

We’re finishing up week 2 of Rita Gross’s Tricycle Retreat, “Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners,” today. This week Gross discussed India’s spiritual scene at the time of the Buddha. She reminds us that the Buddha didn’t…

By Tricycle

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