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Alison Spiegel is Tricycle's web editor.
Grand Palace Bangkok

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The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Home to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Will Reopen Monday After COVID-19 Closure

Thailand loosens travel restrictions to encourage tourism, but only 42 percent of Thai population is fully vaccinated. Plus, Tibetans will speak at UN climate conference and San Francisco Zen Center releases Suzuki Roshi audio archive. Tricycle looks back at the events of this week in the Buddhist world.

Alison Spiegel, Amanda Lim Patton, and Daniel Ilan Cohen Thin
buddhist artifacts afghanistan


Anxiety over Afghan Artifacts

As the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in the late summer, many questions arose about the country’s future. Among them was the fate of its artifacts, including precious Buddhist relics. National Geographic reported that archaeologists fear for the safety of artifacts and those who protect them in light of the Taliban’s history of desecration, such […]

By Alison Spiegel
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