Taken from the New Concorde Area Arts & Recreation District’s site. The Ohio organization offers yoga classes at a Methodist Church.

Reading the tabloids is a bad habit I’ve developed this summer. I’ve weaned myself off most of them, though, but I can’t quite quit the British tabloid the Sun (“Got a story? We pay £££”). Today’s edition reports that a Methodist church near Manchester has banished an over-50s yoga group, leaving elderly yogis throwing up their hands. The church’s new minister fears the yogis could be preaching “rival religions”—more specifically, Hinduism and Buddhism. Iris Turner, a 64-year-old yogini, isn’t happy with the church’s new minister, Rev. Amanda Roper: “Her views are extreme,” she tells the Sun. “We are hurt, disappointed and offended.”  Mrs. Turner invited Rev. Roper to take part in the classes “to allay her fears.” A few more of today’s Sun headlines: “Muslims Pray in the Wrong Direction“: Indonesians have been facing Africa, not Mecca, when praying: The Sun reports that “Indonesia’s highest Islamic body has admitted making a mistake when issuing advice on which direction followers should pray in.” “Nuns on the Run from Retirement“: Two French nuns have taken flight because their mother superior wants to put them in a retirement home. I think it’s the Sun‘s spiritual coverage that keeps me coming back. 

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