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People lying in bed ill are lucky because they have the opportunity to do nothing but contemplate stress and pain. Their minds don’t need to take up anything else, don’t need to go anywhere else. They have the opportunity to contemplate pain at all times—and let go of pain at all times.

– Upasika Kee Nanayon “Tough Teachings To Ease The Mind”

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It’s Tricycle’s 25th anniversary!

We celebrate the quarter-century milestone with a packed issue featuring a special section that reflects on a few of the topics most discussed by Western Buddhists today: female ordination; social justice and racial diversity; the mindfulness movement; and future leadership. Read the section, as well as our usual bevy of thought-provoking Buddhist articles, in the Fall 2016 issue.

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Dharma Talks

Video teachings and discussions with contemporary Buddhist teachers

The Power of Connection: Cultivating a Generous Heart

The Power of Connection: Cultivating a Generous Heart

Vinny Ferraro

Who among us has not felt the weight of loneliness? Out of thousands of skillful methods the Buddha taught, the brahmaviharas, or “sublime attitudes,” may be the most direct antidote to feelings of isolation and separation. In this series, Vinny Ferraro, an ex-convict and senior teacher at Against the Stream, will explore the first two of the brahmaviharas, lovingkindness and compassion, the cultivation of which increases our capacity to meet a range of conditions with a generous heart. In addition to providing tools to allay loneliness, Ferraro will pay special attention to the process of meeting our shortcomings with care.


Tricycle wisdom in e-book format

Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, vol. 3

Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, vol. 3

The third volume of Tricycle Teachings: Meditation offers a selection of the clearest and most helpful meditation instructions from Pema Chödrön, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, and many others. The guidance of these master meditators will help you start or reinvigorate a daily meditation practice.

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Film Club

Buddhist films and discussion for the Tricycle Community

Daughters of Everest

Daughters of Everest

Daughters of Everest brings a unique flavor to the familiar story of the attempt to climb Mount Everest. In 2000, the first-ever expedition of Sherpa women to climb Everest was organized. This award-winning documentary follows five charismatic women who tackle the world’s highest peak and traditional confines of their gender roles.

Directed by Sapana Sakya and Ramyata Limbu
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