At an event in the Tricycle office several hundred million years ago, Tricycle editor James Shaheen posed a question to the throngs of devas, nagas, goblins, demons, and bodhisattvas (numbering eighteen million in all) in attendance: “What would you like to see more of in the pages of Tricycle?” From the back of the room, a young man of good family known by some as Lama Surya Das called out bravely, “More humor!” Lo, he was not obliged (or if he was, it was just barely.)

Today, billions of years after this auspicious gathering of one hundred and eighty million bodhisattvas and Pratyekabuddhas, longtime Tricycle readers will recall the humorous writings of P. B. Law, who has contributed such pieces as “Bodhisattva in the Rye” and “Winnie-the-Buddhist” over the years.

And so, for P. B. Law’s many fans, a day which has been long awaited (for four hundred trillion and one kalpas, to be precise) has finally arrived!: website devoted to the writing (and cartooning) of the elusive Tricycle contributor, P. B. Law.

Enjoy at your own risk! (If you spend too long on the site you may find yourself reborn as a Beluga sturgeon—Huso huso in the Latin—a highly endangered species prized for its caviar.)

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