buddhism We all know what divorces can be like—whether first-hand or through friends or family. So if you know of anyone on the verge of the big split and want to spare them the squabbling over soup bowls, introduce them to family law lawyer Susan Busby. Specializing in divorce mediation, Busby finds Buddhism especially helpful when dealing with rancorous breakups, as Douglas Malan reports in the Connecticut Law Tribune. Busby helps the warring parties take the bigger view: “The ability to incorporate the philosophical views [of Buddhism] has helped me teach adults not to get caught up in the minutiae. When we let emotions get control, that’s when we end up doing crazy things.”

I guess Busby’s the person to call when your relationship goes south. Hey, she may even keep you focused on the bigger picture—the house, the car, the kids—and you can leave the minutiae to your spouse. But maybe I’ve missed the point. Decide for yourself here.

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