Tricycle Meditation Month is our annual challenge to sit every day for the month of March. In the third week of our free practice series, meditation teacher Martine Batchelor will continue her exploration of mindfulness by asking us to turn our awareness toward the tonality of our experiences.

This practice builds on the first two videos in the series, which led us through mindfulness of the breath and body and listening meditation. Using the tools of anchoring and looking deeply, which we explored during the first half of the month, Martine shows us how to develop mindfulness of feeling tones.

Feeling tones refer to the basic pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral quality of a sensed experience and are distinct from feelings such as anger, happiness, joy, sadness, or fear. By paying attention to feeling tones, we can become more aware of our range of experiences and begin to see how the tones change throughout the day.

Download a copy of this talk. It has been edited for clarity.

You can also watch a recording of Martine’s introductory live call from Saturday, March 9 here, and her closing live call on Saturday, March 30 here.

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