Two months ago, we launched the Short Films Showcase competition with a simple and serious question: “What does it mean to be Awake in the World?”

Twenty-five dared to respond. With original, five-minute videos that range in content from beekeeping in Virginia to skateboarding in East Harlem, these filmmakers answered with visual stories of meditation, mindful awareness, compassion, and service to the world.

You came. You watched. You voted.

And now it’s time to announce the winners.

Without further ado…

AUDIENCE CHOICE, FIRST PLACE goes to Chad Scheifele’s “Who Am I?”

Congratulations, Chad! With a healthy 1220 votes and average rating of 4.7 stars, you’ve won $1,000, two All-Festival passes to Buddhafest, and the screening of your film there. Watch Chad’s winning video below.

AUDIENCE CHOICE, RUNNER’S UP go to Zarko Mladenovic and Nenad Simic’s “Anicca Sanpaku” and SeungAh Lee’s “In SHAPE.” Congratulations to all three filmmakers! Your films will be screened at BuddhaFest, and you win two All-Festival passes. Watch both runner’s up films below.

In addition to the Audience Choice awards, the organizers behind BuddhaFest and the editorial team at Tricycle chose three winners for DIRECTOR’S CHOICE awards. They go to Melissa Flores’ “The Cow’s Meditation,” Joel Metzger’s “The Story of Home,” and Fred Yi and Lauren Talley’s “What Does It Mean to be Awake in the World?” Congratulations! You’ve each won one All-Festival pass to BuddhaFest, and a screening of your film there. Watch the Director’s Choice films below, and don’t forget to tune in next year for another Short Films Showcase. Thanks for all of your participation, filmmakers and voters alike!

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