Join us at the Tricycle Book Club on Monday, September 5 to participate in a discussion with B. Alan Wallace on his new book, Minding Closely: The Four Applications of Mindfulness.

In Minding Closely, Wallace presents a simple but powerful set of techniques for anyone—regardless of tradition, beliefs, or lack thereof—to cultivate mindfulness. Beginning with the basics, Wallace (who has studied mindfulness from a variety of perspectives as a monk, scientist, and Buddhist teacher) encourages us to investigate, and meditate on, the challenging issues we face in life. While reading Minding Closely we’re reminded continually of the importance of process as we wonder these big questions.

From the preface:

The Buddha declared that mental afflictions, such as lust, anger, and delusion, are not inherent in our nature. He likened them to a pile of dirt in the middle of a crossroads, which represents our sensory and mental processes. Four chariots enter this intersection from four directions, representing mindfulness directed toward the body, feelings, mental states, and all phenomena, and they thoroughly disperse the pile of dirt. When the mental afflictions are overcome, our true nature—which was merely obscured by these habitual misunderstandings—shines forth with unlimited benefit for ourselves and all beings.

Pick up a copy here.

See you at the discussion!


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