Andrew Merz

Andrew Merz is a Tricycle contributing editor.

The Best Horse

There’s no shortage of Buddhist websites these days—see our links for evidence—but few are as entertaining and wide-ranging as, edited by my friend Rod Meade Sperry. Taking pop-culture and sub-culture as its starting points, TWH…

By Andrew Merz

Stealing Time

Here I am, on Monday morning, writing my Friday blog entry. Whenever I’m late I think back to what was probably the first talk I heard on the five precepts, the standard ethical guidelines for us…

By Andrew Merz

The Dha-ha-ha-harma

I remember reading somewhere a while back (it’s pretty foggy) about what a modern-day Zen teacher (or he might have been Tibetan) said when asked about the skillfulness or use of laughter. His response was something…

By Andrew Merz

Of Pizza Hut and Enlightenment

A truly spectacular benefit of working here at Trike is having the opportunity to take time off for extended retreats. I just returned from a month in the desert, and can’t thank my colleagues enough for…

By Andrew Merz

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