Josh Korda

Josh Korda has been the guiding teacher of Dharma Punx NYC since 2005. He is an empowered teacher in the Against the Stream lineage and a visiting teacher at the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care.
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Feeling Secure in an Unstable World

Internal investigation plays a key role in our ability to overcome feelings of anxiety and insecurity, develop a secure base, and establish healthy relationships with others. In our latest course, we'll explore a variety of insights and practices—drawn from early Buddhism and contemporary psychology—that can help us acknowledge and process emotional experiences that destabilize us—and discover how to thrive in a disconnected world.

with Josh Korda

The Anxiety of Return

With Josh Korda

The Anxiety of Return

In today’s episode of Tricycle Talks, Josh Korda, a counselor and the guiding teacher at Dharma Punx NYC, offers a more skillful way to manage life’s stressors and live with greater ease.

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