Robert Wright

Robert Wright is a Visiting Professor of Science and Religion at Union Theological Seminary, runs the Mindful Resistance Project, and is the author, most recently, of Why Buddhism is True.
Robert Wright

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Beyond Tribalism: How Mindfulness Can Save the World

Robert Wright shines a light on our tribalistic tendencies through the lens of evolutionary psychology. The result offers a clear, fresh perspective on Buddhist philosophy and practice and shows how mindfulness just might save the world.

with Robert Wright

Why (Science Says) Buddhism Is True

With Robert Wright

Why (Science Says) Buddhism Is True

In this episode of Tricycle Talks, best-selling author Robert Wright speaks with Tricycle’s web editor, Wendy Joan Biddlecombe, about how evolutionary psychology supports what the Buddha taught us about suffering and not being satisfied in the present moment. In the talk, Wright explains why we haven’t evolved past difficult emotions such as anxiety and how mindfulness meditation can provide a way to work through—and maybe even free us from—them.

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