Russell Leong

Magazine Body & Mind

What Does The Body Dream At Rest?

  If the heat of one body restingEquals seventy lotus flowersWhat does the body dream at rest? The boy fell into the sea and it swept him awaySaid those who watched him tumble off the cliff;Of course, they could not feel what he feltAs his legs, like scissors, cut the waves. The boy entered the […]

By Russell Leong

Magazine Arts & Culture

Mountains And Rivers Without End

Mountains And Rivers Without EndGary SnyderCounterpoint: Washington, D.C., 1996 165 pp., $20.00 (hardcover) Wet and covered with pine needles, Gary Snyder’s new book arrived at my door on a rare rainy day in Los Angeles. Perhaps this was a portent of things both remembered and yet to be read, as Mountains and Rivers without End […]

By Russell Leong

Magazine Arts & Culture

Unfolding Flowers, Matchless Flames

I “Tell me my name,”I asked Sifu, as ashesturn the City of Angels blue.Said he: “Wait untilGautama’s birthday.” Tip by singed fingertip,the ends of orange punk stickstinge the burning days of L.A.—firefighters in bulletproof vestscatapult through flamesprod mini-malls to fall fasterwithout falling uponthe arms of mothers,fathers, daughters, sons, who,picking through the rubble of barriosoutfit their […]

By Russell Leong
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