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Green Koans Case 31: Daito’s Raincoat

CASE #31: Daito’s Raincoat Daito Kokushi wrote a short verse about the rain: No umbrella, getting soaked,I’ll just use the rain as my raincoat. BACKGROUND Daito Kokushi     A Japanese Zen master of the Rinzai sect, Daito (1282-1337) was the founder of Daitoku-ji Monastery, one of Japan’s most influential temples. Established as “National Teacher” by […]

By Clark Strand

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Green Koans Case 61: The Naked Dharma

CASE #61: The Naked Dharma Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen taught: Even if you do not search or study anything, the natural state is always with you from the limitless beginning. There is nothing to lose and nothing to find. If you search yourself can you find it? Therefore you should not speak about searching for the […]

By Clark Strand