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Supporting Others in the Transition of Death

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Although many factors combine to make death and dying a challenging topic to contemplate, gentle reflection on these themes can cultivate wise response, and support us in living more fully now. This series will explore ways that a balanced reflection on death can support wise and diverse action in three circles: with ourselves, with our close community, and globally, with all beings, in the climate crisis.

Jeanne Corrigal is the guiding teacher for the Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community and a graduate of the 2017-2021 IMS teacher training program. She deeply appreciates metta and nature-based practices. She is certified in Indigenous Focusing Oriented Trauma Therapy, is a certified MBSR teacher, and has trained with Mindful Schools and Somatic Experiencing. She is Métis, and one of her first teachers in loving presence was Cree Elder Jim Settee.