Forgiveness is not simple. When we have been harmed, hurt, betrayed, abandoned, or abused, forgiveness can often seem to be out of the question. Yet our ability to forgive allows us to make space for our ability to meet suffering—our suffering as well as the suffering of others—with a kind heart. In this retreat, Gina Sharpe guides us to find forgiveness for others and forgiveness for ourselves.

Retreat begins April 1, 2013 

Gina Sharpe was born in Jamaica and has an A.B. in Philosophy from Barnard College and a J.D. from New York University School of Law. As a lawyer, she practiced as a corporate litigator and then as a corporate lawyer. After retiring from the practice of law, she co-founded New York Insight Meditation Center. She currently serves as the guiding teacher. She teaches at various venues around the United States, including Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Society, Garrison Institute, Asia Society, Tibet House, the New York Open Center, the Katonah Yoga Center, and a maximum security prison for women.

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