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The Wisdom of the Body & Mindfulness

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In this series, you’ll learn techniques to restore the nervous system’s innate strength and resilience. As founding member and meditation teacher at DharmaPunx NYC and practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, Kathy Cherry offers a body-based approach to the mindfulness of the buddhadharma. “When we can be attentive and curious, the body has a tremendous amount of information it can share with us,” says Kathy.

Filmed at the Williamsburg Therapy Group’s office in Brooklyn, New York.

Kathy Cherry is a Brooklyn-based meditation teacher, coach and a founding member of DharmaPunx NYC. In her work as a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, she blends this modality with Mindfulness and Buddhist teachings, connecting the intellect, body and senses to facilitate psycho-spiritual growth and wellbeing.  Her style emphasizes embodiment, compassion, and practical wisdom both on and off the cushion.