• Director: Carolyn Jones
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2017

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The growing hospice and palliative care movement offers an alternative to the predominant medical model that prolongs life at all costs. In hospice care, nurses and doctors work with dying patients to give them dignity and comfort, preserving their quality of life.

At Calvary Hospital, a pioneering New York City hospice, dying patients gain agency over their end-of-life decisions and offer illuminating lessons on what is most important in life. Defining Hope brings viewers into the lives of eight New Yorkers from diverse walks of life face-to-face with their mortality, along with their families and the nurses who care for them, in a stirring call to redefine end-of-life care.

To learn more, visit https://hope.film/

This film will be available to stream until midnight on Saturday, July 6. 

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