The bardo—or the “in-between”—has come to describe the transitional state between death and rebirth, but its qualities also characterize the gap arising between any two states. In fact, we live in a continuous bardo, forever suspended between past and future, although we seldom recognize it. While the bardo may bring with it great uncertainty and discomfort, teachers and practitioners in the following essays guide us through the unique opportunity for awakening offers.

The Luminous Gap in Bardo by Francesca Freemantle 

Something Strange is Happening by Duane Michals 

The In-between State by Pema Chödrön

A Tree With a View by John House

Bardo of Lost Mammals by Andrew Schelling

Insomnia by Judith Simmer-Brown

The Opportunity of Uncertainty by Sogyal Rinpoche 

My Brief Career Composing Spanish Music by William R. Stimson

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