Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to China bearing gifts—and Buddhist ones at that. In a visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Modi presented a Buddha statue and a replica casket full of relics. Optics trumped generosity, however, when the Indian government tweeted a picture of the items. The Buddha, clearly offended, shot back with 72 characters of his own: You should not praise yourself, calling attention to your good deeds. #IfOnlyHeWereOnTwitter

Prayer to the People

To observe the 70th anniversary of the division of Korea, a staggering 300,000 South Korean Buddhists assembled to pray for peace and reunification with the North. The turnout far exceeded the 50,000 American activists who, in 1967, put their meditative zeal toward levitating the Pentagon. Those absurdists failed to raise the building even the three feet granted by the police permit. But this more sincere South Korean effort may actually elevate the consciousness of local politicians who have been impeding a meaningful shift in policy, and put pressure on them to act.

Extreme Makeover, Buddhism Edition

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