Commit to Sit: Tricycle’s 28-day meditation challenge
Introduction Working with Aversion
The Five Precepts Working with Metta
Week 1: The Breath Working with Sense Doors
Week 2: The Body Seated Meditation Tips
Week 3: Emotions & Hindrances Working with Hindrances
Week 4: Thoughts Meditation Supplies
Supplementary Material 7 Simple Exercises

WEEK ONE: The Breath

For the first week, our main focus is the breath. Awareness of the breath is the fundamental technique of insight meditation. By focusing our attention on our inhalations and exhalations we calm the mind and create the conditions for insight to arise. Twice a day this week we will meditate for twenty minutes, focusing on our breath. The following guided meditation will introduce you to this most basic and important practice.

Guided Meditation: Breathe Easy



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