contribEliot Fintushel profiles Dr. Manfred Clynes for this issue in “The Merry Greis”. He writes: “Soldiering away at profitless things—that’s the life of the artist. Squint and tickle—maybe it’s something, and maybe it’s nothing—it hardly matters. The valuation is just a burden to be endured, plus or minus. So, now and then, when you meet a fellow from whose labors has issued, as it happens, something big and remarkable—you want to celebrate it.”




Steve Krieger shares the humor and mess of his work at Mount Baldy Zen Center in his essay “Growing Ground”. “Rose is a professional septic-tank-pumper extraordinaire. During the afternoon I spent with her at Mount Baldy, she approached her work like an intrepid public servant, a firefighter, or district attorney, selflessly ridding the world of yet another unpleasant fact of life it hasn’t the courage to dispatch itself. She was the impetus for ‘Growing Ground,’ and remains an inspiration as I slog through the anal stages of spiritual development, i.e., work through all my shit.”

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