E. Ethelbert Miller. Photo by John B. Parks
Photo by John B. Parks

E. Ethelbert Miller

E. Ethelbert Miller is an award-winning author of two memoirs and twelve poetry collections, most recently The Collected Poems of E. Ethelbert Miller. A literary activist and Washington, D.C. Hall of Famer, he interviews scholar and writer Charles Johnson about race and American Buddhism (“Black Coffee Buddhism”) as part of this issue’s special 25th-anniversary section.

Leath Tonino. Photo Courtesy of Leath Tonino
Photo Courtesy of Leath Tonino

Leath Tonino

A frequent contributor to Tricycle whose work has appeared in Outside, Orion, The Sun, and other publications, Leath Tonino is a writer who has also worked as a blueberry farmer in New Jersey, a wildlife biologist in Arizona, and a snow shoveler in Antarctica. In this issue, he interviews the avalanche forecaster Jerry Roberts (“Avalanche Zen”).

Minette Lee Mangahas. Photo by Vajra Spook
Photo by Vajra Spook

Minette Lee Mangahas

Minette Lee Mangahas is a Berlin-based artist whose brushwork portraits of contemporary Buddhist teachers appear in “The Question.” Her work revolves around the historical study, contemporary practice, and future applications of traditional Buddhist art forms such as calligraphy, ink painting, and sacred sculpture.

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