The Best Of Inquiring Mind: 25 Years Of Dharma, Drama, And Uncommon Insight
Edited By Wes Nisker And Barbara Gates
Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2008
400 pp.; $17.95 (paper)

From the very beginning, the semiannual Vipassana journal Inquiring Mind promised a looser, more eclectic approach to Western Buddhism. The name itself is a clue. It elegantly encapsulates the essence of insight meditation. But it’s also a sly reference to the supermarket tabloid the National Inquirer, whose slogan back in the day was “Inquiring minds want to know.” That same blend of devotion and irreverence runs throughout this collection of interviews, articles, and poetry from Inquiring Mind’s 25- year history. The results are profound and entertaining, a highly readable time capsule from an extraordinary quarter century of North American Buddhism.



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