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I have been a subscriber to Tricycle since volume 1, number 1. The Winter 2014 issue is my cover-to-cover favorite. Thank you.

Doug Ell
Livermore, CO

Free from Sex
Thank you for Mary Talbot’s “The Joy of No Sex” (Winter 2014). I have been a celibate layman for nearly 14 years, including a little over 2 years as a novice monk in the Drikung Kagyu tradition. I enjoy the freedom and serenity of celibacy, especially the freedom from hungry-ghost-like lust and heavy entanglement of “love” relationships based on fulfilling my own intense emotional desires. I rather prefer having love for all as a friend to all. And I am more satisfied with dharma practice and study, my friendships, and some nice tea.

—Pete Rickard
Baltimore, MD

PostACommentIs Together Better?
First, I want to applaud Mary Talbot for broaching the subject of celibacy, and for her noble commitment. I think it’s great that celibacy seems to provide a simpler and more satisfying life for the author, and I appreciate her courage and candor.

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