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Nazi’s Archives

 © Frank Olinsky, Neil Crosbie, and Mike Taylor.
© Frank Olinsky, Neil Crosbie, and Mike Taylor.

As an ethnic Jew and Tibetan Buddhist, I read with ardent interest your article “Hitler and the Himalayas.” The article focused on Dr. Schaefer, especially his expedition to Tibet in 1939. Alex McCay asserts that the letter from the Reting Regent of Tibet to Hitler speaks of “a lasting empire of peace based on racial grounds.” Furthermore, Reting supposedly assured Hitler that Tibet “shared that aim.” This is a serious distortion of history.

I have read the original text of this letter (National Archives) and there is no mention of racial attitudes. As a matter of fact, if this innocuous letter is compared to the correspondence that Reting had with President Roosevelt through the explorers Tolstoy and Dolan in this same period, it seems diplomatically relatively noncommital.

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