Leap of Faith

C1_TRIFALL12_SUB (1)Thank you for publishing Linda Heuman’s brilliant piece,“What’s at Stake as the Dharma Goes Modern?” (Fall 2012). Heuman’s articulate exposition of the fundamental misapprehension that underpins so much of the discussion regarding Buddhism in the West not only helps to clarify that discussion, but also provides an incontrovertible argument for inclusion and for open-minded investigation.

Heuman relies on Buddhism’s basic tenets to remind us that we are presuming to stand on solid ground, that our sense of reality is constructed out of the same projections the teachings warn against, and that the presumption of certainty underlying the secular position depends on a fundamental assumption that is itself “a leap of faith.” As Heuman points out, scientific materialism is just another point of view, the “ecosystem” within which we live and breathe. It is our challenge to see this and to think, act, and practice beyond its limitations.

Patricia Anderson
Stone Ridge, NY

Something Beyond

“Religious sensibility comes in two types. One type of sensibility [philosopher Charles Taylor calls it ‘closed’] understands the highest good and deepest sources of meaning to be located within this world; the other sensibility—an ‘open one’— seeks connection to the sacred in something beyond.”

—Linda Heuman, “What’s at Stake as the Dharma Goes Modern?”

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