A Funny Thing

Shozan Jack Haubner’s “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Enlightenment” (Summer 2013) was a breath of fresh air. It is not often that a frank and open discussion of the tribulations of practice and instruction are presented in such a pointed yet lighthearted manner. The thousands of pages written around, but not directly dealing with, the essential challenge of setting aside the ego can be overwhelming. In sharing his personal approach to dealing with the classical teachings of self-negation by incorporating contemporary, secular, feel-good approaches, he laughs at himself and lets us laugh at our own machinations. The challenge we all face is how to deal with the mind—its fantasies, illusions, and many voices—in a modern context that constantly reinforces such conditioning. Haubner’s authentic reminder that enlightenment means to lighten up is a lesson well worth taking to heart.

Allen Hicks
Ashland, OR

When Your Guru Goes Bad

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