Recapturing the Dark

“Turn Out The Lights” by Clark Strand (Spring 2010) was an excellent article! Now we have to figure out how to recapture natural silence. The din of the marketplace in the days of yore—or even the roar of a Roman colosseum—was nothing compared to today’s car alarms, boom boxes, and blaring TVs everywhere. Our neurons would much rather spend their energy being mindful than constantly tuning out the clamor. Milan Kundera once said that in the past, sound stood out from silence and that today, silence stands out from noise. Once we recapture dark nights, eight-hour sleep cycles and background silence, the green meditation project will be complete.

—Katherine V. Masis


As a tech geek of over fifteen years and a practicing Buddhist of almost five, I have found myself, like Clark Strand in “Turn Out the Lights,” wanting to live simply so that others may simply live. Despite my geekness, I seem to be the one in my household more prone to kill my television (metaphorically) or enjoy a quiet moment at night under the stars walking the dogs. At the same time, it is my job to be perpetually on the bleeding edge of tech to ensure my family is fed. Therefore, until an opportunity arises for me to unplug more easily and to find a greener means to keep the lights on and food on the table, I maintain what I deem to be the best balance of both.

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