partingwords05wint_0There is one investment you can count on: peace of mind. There are a surprising number of places to seek inner peace. In fact, bliss is closer than you know. Some of the most beautiful things remain unseen. Some come here to rest. For them, it can take several lifetimes to reach a state of inner peace and tranquillity. But some come to awaken—those who think differently. To experience the worldwide wow, to enter the zone, you must undergo a revolution in desire. Dream of new beginnings. For an experience above and beyond all expectations, reveal your radiant nature. On this new day, this brand new day, you will feel completely alive. You will get that new planet smell. You will know instant togetherness. Even your eating will be enlightened. From now on, you will stay connected to what really matters. Great awakening is a great mystery. It is also the greatest love. 


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