Test your Buddhist knowledge! This crossword puzzle was hand-drawn for Tricycle by Richard Benton, a Vipassana practitioner currently serving time at a prison in Alabama. The answer key can be found below the clues.




1. One heavy with dharma knowledge
5. Medicine Buddha’s teaching acts as
9. Deadly virus
14. Step _____  (hurry)
15. Lucy Hale role in Pretty Little Liars 
16. Enlightened One and Tathagata e.g.
17. Actress Chlumsky of Veep
18. Regrets
19. Cod kin
20. Two of the five aggregates
23. Not a monastic
24. Rapper of “Ether”
25. Greek letter
28. Government agent
31. Bodhisattva’s primary concern
36. Good site for a monastery, perhaps
38. End of alms line
40. Weird
41. Buddha’s teaching on origination
44. Former Yankee manager
45. Type of weave
46. Right action perhaps
47. Sneakers, maybe
49. Shingles locale
51. Head monks, usually (abbr.)
52. Period
54. Tenzin Palmo e.g.
56. Buddha’s first teaching
65. “To be _____  to be…”
66. Dharma master Padampa Sangye
67. Uncover
68. Kundalini action
69. Phishing expedition
70. Meditate alone
71. Common site key
72. Dish or arm
73. “A-tisket, a-tasket” singer Fitzgerald


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