Spoke | “How Buddhism Became Big in the West”

We might be a bit biased, but if anyone can enlighten you on Buddhism’s journey into Western culture, it’s Tricycle’s editor and publisher, James Shaheen. In these bite-sized episodes, you’ll also hear highlights from our Tricycle Talks podcast, including activist Roshi Joan Halifax and Why Buddhism Is True author Robert Wright. 

Interfaith Voice | “Keeping the Faith for Accountability in a #MeToo Era”

Launched by a nun-turned-radio-host three days after 9/11, Interfaith Voices continues to offer inquiring conversations about religion and spirituality. This episode explores how the #MeToo movement is rocking religious institutions, including Shambhala International, and considers the active role of practitioners in seeking accountability from leaders who abuse their power.

Criminal | “All the Time in the World”

Much more empathetic and far less gratuitous than your average crime podcast, Criminal takes a look at the causes and conditions lurking behind the sensational “Headless Body in a Topless Bar” headlines. Buddhist listeners might especially enjoy this episode from 2017 about Texas State University’s “body farm,” the final resting place of some 50 donated corpses that decompose en plein air for the benefit of forensic researchers.

Everything is Alive | “Louis, A Can of Soda”

Does a generic cola can have buddhanature? Find out in this new, unscripted show featuring Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me and Fresh Air alum Ian Chillag “interviewing” inanimate objects. (Other interviewees include a lamppost, a pillow, and a bar of soap.)

On Being | “Wondrous Doubt”

She’s everyone’s go-to podcast host for deep spiritual questions. He dropped the bodhisattva gods after years living as a monk in Asia. Krista Tippett and Tricycle contributing editor Stephen Batchelor meet in this episode to discuss how Tibetan Buddhism initially filled a mystical void in his life, and how a secular approach to the dharma continues to provide a robust starting point for exploring the unknown.

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