In Soto Zen, though there is no formal course of koan practice, students are often encouraged to practice with a question of their own. “What is the emotional life of a buddha?” is a question that poet Jane Hirshfield, a Consulting Editor to Tricycle, has been working with for many years, and she suggested that it be used as the basis far a special section, out of curiosity, to see how it might be addressed more widely.

What is the Emotional Life of a Buddha: Table of Contents

Being Intimate with Demons by Jane Hirshfield
Toward a Lightness of Being by Daniel Goleman
Shattering the Ridgepole by Mark Epstein
Ananda Weeping at the Doorpost by Roger Lipsey


Shakyamuni Buddha
Han-shan and Ryokan
Hakuin and the Kanjurwa Khutughtu
the life of Marpa

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