I was a bit off balance in the Spring, 2010 issue. The new front section was a challenge for me to take in, but when I entered the feature section on stinginess, I was hooked. Yes, hooked. So hooked that when I accidentally left my issue on a plane, I was a bit panicky. How could I have been so careless? Would I find another? Would it be thrown in the trash or would someone see it and take it home to explore?

Of course, I was able to purchase another copy. I usually pass my lovingly read issues on to a friend for the waiting room in her therapy office, but I couldn’t see giving this one up. How ironic is it that the first chance I had to reflect on Sensei Nancy Mujo Baker’s questions (“On Not Being Stingy”) about where we find ourselves being stingy, I find I am being stingy with my copy of Tricycle!

But I found a generous solution. For the past few years, I have given gift subscriptions for Tricycle to friends and family who express an interest in Buddhism. I will save my spring issue and give my therapist friend her own subscription!
Thank you for the questions and the answers.
Susan Goldman
Woodstock, NY

In your Spring 2010 issue, Wendy Johnson proposes a tree-planting challenge for all the right reasons including the Earth’s environment, one’s own well-being and the good of all. It is clear that planting trees now is a compassionate act, empowered by wisdom that sees the way things are.

Here on Maui, we are creating a natural, dhamma sanctuary and hermitage which includes reforesting much of 17 acres of abused ranch land. We have already planted more than 1000 orchard, ornamental, environmental, and commercial, as well as native trees. Over the next 5 years we have pledged to plant another 4.6 acres with 425 tropical hardwood trees per acre, for a total of 1,955 trees. While the cost of each tree is about $5 from Future Forests, a Buddhist nursery in Hawaii, the shipping, site-preparation, planting, irrigation, weed control, pruning, etc. to establish each tree is closer to $25 each.

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