Office Manager, LaGrange, Ohio
“Long pilgrimages to Asia. I’m just back from five months in India and Nepal with a more balanced foundation for dealing with my own chaotic American culture.”

Pastor, St. Rita Catholic Church, St. Martinsville, Louisiana
“Being free—being given permission to be oneself. In the tradition of being unrestricted—to freely question and to find the answer in the question.”

Dancer, Houston, Texas
“Living a simple life. Being present to life as it is. Not that I even know what that is.”

Brahmin’s Son, India
“I can think. I can wait. I can fast. Oh yes, I can compose poetry.”

Program Coordinator, NY, NY
“Having the flexibility and privilege of being open to everything happening around me. Buddhism encourages me to change constantly. Sometimes, as soon as people know I’m Buddhist they have a whole stereotype in their mind about me living an overly pure life. Instead, they should see that I’m like any other person but with a different world view.”

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