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When a society comes together and makes decisions in harmony, when it respects its most noble traditions, cares for its most vulnerable members, treats its forests and lands with respect, then it will prosper and not decline…” – Mahaparinirvana sutra

Whatever your political beliefs, your active informed citizenship is a part of a wise household practice. We are at a critical juncture in American history, with major decisions to make about the global environment, economics, foreign policy and social justice, decisions that will deeply affect all of us for generations ahead. We urge you to engage, respectfully, and to act on your values: register voters, go to work in swing states, support what you believe to be wise social action and enlist others to join you in your work. Let the inner qualities of wisdom and compassion inspire your outer vision and find a way to support and embody these values for the benefit of all. Lama Palden Alioto – Sukkhasiddhi Foundation Sylvia Boorstein – Spirit Rock Center Norman Fischer – Former abbot San Francisco Zen Center Trudy Goodman – Insight LA Jack and Liana Kornfield – Spirit Rock Center Lew Richmond – Vimala Sangha Sharon Salzberg – Insight Meditation Society John Tarrant, Roshi –  Pacific Zen Institute Roger Walsh – Dzogchen Foundation Joseph Goldstein – Insight Meditation Society Lama Tsultrim Allione – Tara Mandala Tara Brach – Insight Meditation Community of Washington Rodney Smith – Seattle Insight Meditation Society Eugene Cash – San Francisco Insight Mary Grace Orr – Vipassana Santa Cruz Robert Hall – El Dharma, Mexico Diana Winston – Spirit Rock Meditation Center Howard Cohn – Spirit Rock Meditation Center Wes Nisker – Spirit Rock Meditation Center Myoshin Kelley – Insight Meditation Society James Baraz – Spirit Rock Meditation Center Wendy Egyoku Nakao, Roshi – Zen Center of Los Angeles Lama Surya Das Carol Wilson – Insight Meditation Society Michael and Narayan Liebenson Grady – Cambridge Insight Meditation Center Pema Chodron

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