Today’s U.S. presidential inauguration marks the beginning of a new political era. American citizens have rarely been more divided in recent history, and we have never before seen such a figure as Donald Trump assume leadership of the nation. Amid this turmoil, members of the Buddhist community are grappling with how to best think, speak, and act in this fraught political climate, especially in regard to protecting the rights of minorities.

The Buddhist mission is to live a life that honors and upholds the well-being of others. When we keep our commitment to the Buddha’s teachings, we act against ignorance and hate in our world. Today, we have four new pieces from one yoga and three Buddhist teachers that can help us keep our heads and hearts aligned over the four years to come.

Now What Do We Do?
Buddhist history to consider on Inauguration Day
By Kurt Spellmeyer

Calling Up Our “Bodhisattva Citizen” on Inauguration Day
Why wisdom, compassion, and commitment to our vows is so important during trying political times  
By Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara

Five Yoga Practices for Surviving Inauguration Day 
These poses can help the body experience balance and stability during times of transition.
By Lauren Krauze

On Not Knowing What’s Next
Don’t get drawn into the craziness and hype. There’s a way to equanimity and action.
By Norman Fischer

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