John Peacock

John Peacock is an academic and a Buddhist practitioner of nearly forty years. He is Associate Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, teaches on the Master of Studies program in MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) at Oxford University, and is a Gaia House guiding teacher.
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Meditation Meditation Month 2023

What Mindfulness Is Not

As interest in mindfulness booms, four Buddhist teachers discuss the history and meaning of the term and how it can get distorted in the popular imagination.

A conversation with Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, Akincano M. Weber, and John Peacock

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Stepping Out of Situational Patterning 

In the online course “Dependent Arising,” four teachers from Bodhi College discuss choice and the wholesome patterns that allow us to respond, not react.

With Christina Feldman, Akincano M. Weber, Stephen Batchelor, and John Peacock

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Explore timeless teachings through modern methods.

With Stephen Batchelor, Sharon Salzberg, Andrew Olendzki, and more

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