Or was the Earth calling the Buddha to witness?:

A legend about the Buddha’s enlightenment has profound implications for Green Meditation. According to tradition, on the night of Shakyamuni’s awakening, as he sat in deep meditation under the bodhi tree, the tempter Mara assailed him with numerous threats and distractions, including vast armies of demons and seductive dancing girls. When these failed to unseat the aspiring Buddha, as a last ditch effort Mara challenged his right to sit upon “the throne of enlightenment.”

“Who bears witness to your attainment of Buddhahood?” demanded Mara.

In answer, Shakyamuni is said to have reached the fingers of his right hand down to touch the ground. “I call the Earth as my witness,” he declared.

Read the whole thing here. It goes into revealed and concealed truths of religions. Strand’s project these days seems to be peeling back the layers of religion and finding whatever it is underneath—the Earth.

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