The current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, is rapidly transforming everyday life around the world and taking a toll on mental health. We are making available for free three video Dharma Talk series that offer guidance for facing our fears, including our fear of death, and caring for ourselves and others. 

How to Be a Light for Yourself and Others in Challenging Times
with Ayya Yeshe

Our culture often associates spiritual practice with a form of escapism, but practice can be a powerful force for good in difficult times. Ayya Yeshe, a longtime Tibetan Buddhist nun and founder of the Bodhicitta Foundation, explores how to take obstacles as the path and walks us through bodhisattva training, or the spiritual commitment to work for the enlightenment of all beings.

Facing Fear
with Marcela Clavijo

What are you afraid of? In this series, Tibetan Buddhist nun Marcela Clavijo introduces the four immeasurables—love, compassion, joy, and equanimity—tools to help us replace unhelpful habits of mind and behavior for  states and traits conducive to coping with anxiety. With practice, these teachings can help assuage our deepest fears.

Finding Meaning in Mortality
with Reverend Marvin Harada

Accepting the reality of mortality is the key to a meaningful life, but doing so isn’t easy. Shin Buddhist Reverend Marvin Harada suggests that by turning to Buddhist teachings, we can transcend a dualistic view of life and death and work to treasure each day we have.

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