Dalai Lama, The Washington Post

The Dalai Lama received a human rights award even though he was avoided by Obama in DC. (Remember the whole kata inauguration thing?) The Dalai Lama asked Obama to “champion liberty” during his acceptance speech.

If the U.S. can’t stand up to China a symbolic issue like this, who can? Maybe a country that doesn’t owe China more than a trillion dollars. The irony is apparent, sad, and a little tired. White House spokesmen wearily said the President would meet with the DL in November.

Meanwhile, Tibet’s glaciers are thawing, says Orville Schell, author of Virtual Tibet and other books on the subject.

[Image: Nancy Pelosi, left, and the Dalai Lama’s interpreter, Thupten Jinpa, with the Dalai Lama at a Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice event. (By Melina Mara — The Washington Post) |   Buy Photo ]

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