Don’t look now but the monks are on the march again in northern Myanmar:

“We are continuing our protest from last month as we have not yet achieved any of the demands we asked for,” the monk told Democratic Voice of Burma.

“Our demands are for lower commodity prices, national reconciliation and immediate release of (opposition leader) Aung San Suu Kyi and all the political prisoners,” said the monk, who was not identified by name.

He said they had little time to organize so the march was small but “there will be more organized and bigger protests soon.”


The Toronto Sun runs the old God King line again (re: the Dalai Lama.) I think Jeff Wilson eviscerated this fallacy this a long time ago on his blog but I don’t remember when. The Dalai Lama is said to be one of many incarnations of Chenrezi, or Avalokiteshvara. I guess this accounts for the God bit? Also, the DL continues his uneasy dance with modern science.

Donovan and David Lynch are planning a transcendental meditation university in Edinburgh. Donovan dreamed the idea up a mere 40 years ago hanging around India with the Beatles and the Maharishi.

– Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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