It’s almost March. Maybe your New Year’s resolutions are long gone and you can’t wait to spring ahead.

Can you think of a better time to commit to sit for 30 days?

And if you join us you won’t be alone. Whether you’re new to meditation or want to get back on track with a daily practice, Tricycle has you covered with videos, articles, and words of wisdom that include:

Meditations: Spring Washam, a meditation teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center, will take you through five guided meditations every Monday in March (and one extra to kick things off on Feb. 29).

Spring has studied Buddhist meditation and philosophy since 1997 with Theravada and Tibetan masters, and completed a six-year teacher training course with Jack Kornfield. She is committed to bringing mindfulness practices to diverse and disenfranchised communities.

Her guided meditations will focus on what causes us stress and working with difficult emotions, as well as tips and advice for starting a daily practice.

Week 1: Why Meditate? Identifying stress and its causes
Week 2: Mindfulness: The art of being aware
Week 3: Embodiment and Working with the Breath
Week 4: Working with Difficult Emotions

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