Welcome back for week two of Tricycle Meditation Month, our annual challenge to sit all 31 days of March.

If you’re just joining us, our Meditation Month teacher, Sebene Selassie is leading a series of four free guided meditation videos. Sebene is an Insight Meditation teacher and a writer who has been studying Buddhism for the past 30 years. Each Sunday, we’re releasing a new video, which builds on the previous week’s lesson.

This week, Sebene recaps her first video and guides us in a meditation on the element of water—noticing the things that are fluid and transmutable in our experience. When we connect with the four elements in this way, we start to realize that any phenomena in our experience provide a doorway into understanding our inherent interconnection with nature and with others. 

Our culture tends to privilege the “mind” in mindfulness, but Sebene invites us to be in our bodies and pay attention to the sensations, sounds, or thoughts that come up for us during our practice. 

Download a copy of this talk. It has been edited for clarity. 

Mark your calendar:

  • Join Sebene for a live call on Wednesday, March 11 at 12:00 p.m. EST on Zoom, where she will be available to answer any questions you have about your practice.

More meditation material to support your practice:

  • We start off Meditation Month by tackling the biggest impediment to practice—finding the motivation to actually sit. 
  • How to attend to our emotional pain in the same way we attend to sensations in the body. 
  • A Tibetan lama answers your most pressing meditation FAQs

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