Wednesday, April 4, Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Sharon Salzberg will be giving a free talk at Tibet House in New York City. The talk will focus on Rinpoche’s teachings from his upcoming book Open Heart, Open Mind.

Click here to RSVP and for more information.

Here is a short excerpt from Open Heart, Open Mind:

Space Practice

Take a moment to settle your body . . .

Take a moment to rest in your feelings . . .

Take a moment to rest in your mind . . .

Now allow yourself to simply be aware of what you’re aware of. Maybe it’s a sound, a smell, a thought, a sensation.

Then turn your attention inward and become aware of what is aware of that sound, smell,
thought, sensation.

Allow yourself to become aware of and alert to any momentary gaps between physical sensations, feelings, and thoughts, and turn your attention to the space between these clouds of experience. In so doing you may catch a glimpse of the fact that there’s no separation, no distinction between the experiences and what is being experienced.

Rest in that glimpse. It might not last for long, maybe a few seconds or so, before the habit of separation arises again. Don’t worry. That happens to all of us in the beginning.

Just repeat the exercise—becoming aware of what ever you’re aware of and then turning your attention inward.

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