As a compliment to their Summer exhibit entitled “Remember That You Will Die: Death Across Cultures,” the Rubin Museum—in partnership with online magazines Killing the Buddha and Obit Magazine—is sponsoring an essay contest under the same name. Participants are encouraged to visit the Rubin’s exhibit—or peruse the online photo gallery—and then write an article inspired by what they have seen. From the Rubin’s website:

If you can, visit the exhibit in in the flesh. Lean in close to examine the exquisite detail of the Hell Realms, and take a full five steps–left to right–to absorb the scroll of the Eight Great Charnel Grounds, and scrutinize the curve of a human skull, a flayed skin, the memento mori East and West…Next, respond in words. Be oblique; we’re not asking for a report or a review. No need to even mention the show or anything in it. Use it as a starting point for an essay on the remembrance of death, whether in the form of memoir, rant, reflection, obituary, profile, political commentary, or even an annotated recipe.

Winners will receive a year-long membership to the Rubin Museum, publication in Obit-Mag.com or Killing the Buddha, and a chance to read aloud at the Rubin’s K2 forum at the end of June. Entries are due by July 1st so those interested should head over to the Rubin—or visit the online gallery—today!

For essay submission guidelines, click here.

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