Is self-esteem overrated? Interfaith worker Vern Barnet seems to be saying as much. In a column on the Buddhist principle of non-self in the Kansas City Star, Barnet writes:

Rather than a narcissistic and futile focus on self-esteem, we can put our attention on relationships. We can be freed of the trouble to prove we are worthy by acquiring wealth, power or prestige. Unfettered by the model’s limits, in whatever circumstance we find ourselves, we can simply do the right thing.

Makes sense. And I find that doing the right thing takes care of the self-esteem part. Focusing on it never seems to work; in fact, often it seems to cause a lot of puffing  up. Just remember, though, if the relationship part doesn’t work out for you, you can always call Susan Busby.

Read the rest of Barnet’s column here.

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